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    Fandt lige det her online spil og er blevet helt besat af det. hvis du kan lide Chose your own adventure bøger eller dungeons and dragons så vil det her også være noget for dig.

    Siden fungerer på den måde at du taster en Historie eller nogle ord ind og så laver en kunstig intelligens en Historie til dig som du så kan ændre ligesom meget som du vil i løbet af historien.

    Feks. blev jeg smidt i fængsel i en middelalder historie og kunne ikke komme ud så skrev at jeg tog en rød pille fra lommen der gør at jeg kan spy ild så jeg kunne smelte tremmerne.

    Du kan Bogstaveligt talt gøre alt i din helt egen historie.

    Prøv det selv her


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    En historie jeg fik der åbenbart handlede om lidt om Tigerking

    You are Kasper, an owner living at the largest privately owned big cat zoo in the world. You have an eye ring and a mullet. You are looking for the next easy way to save money. You have found that you can cut costs drastically at your zoo by not hiring any zookeepers to take care of your animals. You have been using a few untrained monkeys to throw food in for your animals. This has been working out fine…more or less. Today you are going to solve another problem with your ring leader, the lion.
    You walk into his massive cage and he begins roaring immediately.

    > You give the lion one of the Monkeys to eat.
    You walk over to the monkey throwing bucket and pick out a screaming little monkey. The lion snarls and pounces at you, he stops just short of your throat. You toss the monkey to him and he easily catches it. The lion crunches the little monkey up and licks his lips.

    > You the lion is now calm.
    The lion happily eats the monkey. You turn to leave when you hear a low growl behind you. Turning around quickly you see the lion has a bloody monkey head in his mouth. He growls again, louder this time.
    You try to run but the lion is much faster and has great reflexes. The lion knocks you down and bites your throat out before you can scream.
    suddenly a flying monkey is in the cage with you it fires lasers out of its eyes at the lion.
    The laser burns the lion’s eyes and he panics. He runs around crazy for a few minutes and then falls off of the side of the cage to the ground below. You spit out a mouthful of blood and feel your neck wound. The flying monkey flies down and lands on your chest. It speaks to you in a squeaky voice.
    It says. Why did you kill my brother? You say. I didn’t kill him, the lion did. The monkey says Well if you hadn’t tossed him to the lion he would still be alive.
    Shits happen you says. The monkey says, This is not good customer service. I demand to speak to your manager.
    I am the manager! You say. The monkey says I DEMAND to speak to the owner!
    The flying monkey calls you a bunch of names and tells you that you are not going anywhere until you bring him his brother’s body. You are a little surprised that monkeys can swear so well but you have seen enough movies that had them doing it that you aren’t too shocked.
    You get the dead bloody monkey from the lion’s mouth and hold it out for the flying monkey. The monkey takes it away from you and flies off without another word.
    Well that was weird you think as you go back to the employee entrance of the emplyee area.
    Where you see a man throwing up all over the parking lot.
    He saw it all. You think to yourself
    The man looks up at you, horrified.
    Are you OK? You say running over to him
    I seen it! He screams before bursting into tears Its all my fault!
    He then tells you that his name is dave and he is the zookeeper here.
    You say. No not any more i fired you last week. He says I know but i have been practicing my act in the mirror every night. I came back to get my revenge on you.
    He gets up and runs at you flailing his arms like a monkey.
    You don’t want to hurt the guy so you take two steps back and let him run right past you.
    He run inside the tiger cage where a tiger sees him
    The tiger lungs at him ripping him apart in an instant.
    You walk away from the zoo planning on never going back.
    You look for a new job, something that will be easy to get since employers now know you are not to be trusted with animals.
    Also the people you work for tend to die horrible deaths.
    The end.


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    Det koster penge efter lidt tid? Nåede at skrive 5-10 ting.

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    #0, Holy shit det er blevet udvidet. Jeg læste om det på slashdot for laaaang tid siden. Dengang kørte det på nogle Google servere og var sådan meget eksperiment-agtigt. Dengang hed det AI Dungeon 2.

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